Big Bird

My boss is a tall blonde woman who I swear looks exactly like Big Bird.  People say she even walks like Big Bird.  I honestly cannot even look at her sometimes without thinking about it and wanting to laugh.  Needless to say, it can make department meetings pretty interesting.

Anyway, she is very private about her dating life.  However we recently found out that she was dating a guy who also works for our company.  Their dating has sparked up some new activity and gossip for us.  In fact, their new routine is to schedule meetings on Friday, so they need to be out of the office together.  Then, from what I gather, they travel to different cities every weekend.  Then they are MIA on Monday.  Apparently it’s just four days of fun for them every single week.

The other day I walked in to Big Bird’s office to hand her a report.  There was a Hallmark card slightly poking out on her desk.  I snuck back later to see if it was from him.  It was! I don’t remember the card itself, but I can’t erase what he wrote from my mind. He said, “I can’t wait to see you again…naked.” Yikes!

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