Drive By

My boss loves to argue.  He will argue about anything!  It doesn’t even matter what the topic is.  He just wants to debate someone.  He thinks he knows it all.

Even though we all know this about him and try to manage it, he will still try his best to bait you into a disagreement.  Sometimes it’s hard not to engage when he’s standing right there ripping into you.  We all get caught up arguing with him sometimes.

A few months ago, he caught one of my co-workers after a meeting.  The boss wanted to debate some facts that had come up.  They started arguing right there in the hallway.  The co-worker was on his way to lunch, so as the conversation got more heated, they continued to walk down the hall.  In this case, the boss wasn’t ready to let up that easily, so they continued to yell at each other as they walked out the doors to the office.  They were now outside on the sidewalk.  Our office is located downtown, with a busy street right in front of the building.  My boss apparently forgot this, because as he was yelling at the co-worker, the boss stepped off the curb and into the street.  WHAM!  He was hit by a car.  It was like a scene in a movie.  He flipped up and over the hood, and onto the cement.

Luckily, the boss wasn’t hurt too bad.  He did break his arm though.  He missed a few weeks of work.  It remains to be seen if this will tame his love for arguments.

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