Freezer Fun

I like the idea for this site.

I work in an up-scale restaurant.  It’s ok.  I’m not looking for anything more than a steady job that pays OK.  So I’ve been there for a few years and don’t mind the work.

There are two managers there that I really like working with.  Both are younger and seem motivated, so they do a pretty good job and make the work hours go by fast.  I’ve never found them to act inappropriate or break the rules.

A few weeks ago, I showed up for my shift and noticed that neither the male or female manager that I liked was there.  In fact, a manager from another location was there filling in.  I asked where the other two managers were and he told me they had both been fired.  Here’s the kicker – they were fired because it was found out that they had been regularly having sex together in the freezer after the restaurant closed.  I’m puzzled by this! I mean; get a hotel room.  The freezer of a restaurant!  I guess there was more going on in there than frozen food. If only the freezer shelves could talk.

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