Her Shadow

My boss has a very strange relationship with her husband. I describe it as ‘strange’ because that’s what most of us find it to be.

For example, we have to travel pretty frequently for work. Whenever she has to travel, she brings her husband along. He always travels with her. Day trips, overnight trips, etc. Even though we have work meetings and dinners to attend, she still brings him on these trips. When he isn’t with her, he just stays in the hotel. But most of the time he’s with her.

She will skip the work dinners and doesn’t always stay at the same hotels as the team. She will get dinner with her husband and stay where they find it convenient. He doesn’t come to the work meetings during the day, but when he isn’t there, he is constantly texting her. Even she will tell you that it’s distracting.

Maybe it’s me, but I just think this behavior is weird. Why does he need to travel with her? Why does she skip the work dinners? Why doesn’t she stay where the rest of team does? Is it a control thing? Is it a love thing? Why must they always be together? Strange!

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