I Love You More

My boss is a very unique lady.  She’s very eccentric, especially when it comes to the relationship she has with her husband.  For example, they have to talk on the phone at least once every hour throughout the day.  Sometimes it’s multiple times every hour.  Interestingly, that doesn’t even include her constant texting and e-mailing to him in between phone calls.  But for the purposes of this story, let’s stick to her phone calls.

So yes, at least once per hour, they talk on the phone.  She’s so loud and obnoxious that I can hear everything.  It doesn’t help that our desks are so close.  Anyway, here is how the normal phone call ends – ever single time:

Him: I love you!
Her: I love you more!

Him: I love you more!
Her: No, I love you more!

Him: NO, I love you more!
Her, NO, I love you more!

It’s ridiculous and stupid.  And it happens every hour when they talk.  I routinely feel like I’m going to throw-up a little in my mouth when I have to sit there and listen to it.  Other times the conversation will include at least three back-and-forth comments about how much they miss each other or can’t wait to see each other at home.

Is it me, or are her actions weird?  I’m all for loving on and missing my husband, but I don’t need to profess it loudly and throughout the day for all to see and hear.  I sense some underlying trust issues with them, because she told me that he once cheated on her with someone at his work.  Apparently the resolution must have included massive PDA!  I say get a room and keep it at home.

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