People always tell me that I work for a very bizarre company.  The two owners are brothers and definitely march to their own beat.

From what I see and am told, the company does pretty well.  It’s just getting over the weird behavior with the brothers/owners that is the hurdle.

The brothers are nice.  But let’s just say they have different management styles.  For example, they have been known to actually fight in the office during business hours.  And I’m not talking about arguing or yelling.  I’m talking about fist fights.  Yes, right there in the office over a disagreement.

For instance, they will start arguing during a meeting and agree to step out.  Then you’ll hear loud yelling and crashing noises a few rooms over.  After a while, then will return.  One will have his clothes untucked and his hair all messed up.  The other will have a bloody lip and a button missing on his shirt.

The best part – they act as if nothing happened and just sit right back down to the business meeting. It’s so ridiculous, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

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