Cash Flow

My boss is probably one of the most worthless human beings in the world.  He doesn’t care about much.  We work for a huge globally known company and he earns $700,000 per year.  He’s been there for years.  The simple fact that he earns that much money for not doing anything makes me physically sick.  He’s MIA most of the time and nobody can locate him or knows where he is.  When he isn’t MIA, he is golfing or, as he puts it, ‘out in the field.’

I realized quite long ago that not many people seemed to care what my boss did.  There were never questions about where he was or when he’d be in.  I ultimately came to the conclusion that he was playing golf most of the time and sitting at home doing nothing the rest.  How it went under the radar for so long I guess is just part of working for such a large company with so many moving parts.  It became laughable to the rest of us in the office how this guy could get away with it and not get caught.

Fast forward nine years that this crap has been going on.  Now our company is failing, most likely contributed to by this moron and others like him.  So they are finally making changes.  The first change will blow your mind.  My boss was demoted.  He lost 3/4 of the facilities that he was in charge of.  And his salary was reduced from $700,000 to $200,000 per year.  The funniest part is this happened without any notice whatsoever.  Now he sits in his office (at least he’s showing up) and cries at his desk every day.  Maybe it sounds mean, but I say ‘good!’ Karma is a bitch.

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