Cross Hairs

My boss is a colossal jerk. He’s honestly the most ridiculous person I’ve ever had to work for.  He is toxic.  Nothing makes his day more than bringing someone into his office, bullying them, yelling at them and making them uncomfortable.  He wants to see you squirm.  It’s like he physically takes pleasure in it.  He’ll bring you in, lambaste you and then you walk out of his office wondering what the hell just happened.

However, his paranoia will get the best of him after you leave his office. He will over-analyze everything and come in to apologize.  His usual mantra is to come in, apologize and use the phrase, “Sorry that you were in my cross hairs today.”  Then he will promise to act better in the future.  Sometimes he is even worse the next day.  Then he’ll come in, make the cross hair statement again and apologize for being a ‘bear’ or another animal.  Frankly, some might say this is abuse.

The way I see it is this – I’m all for working hard, being held accountable and having thick skin; but for employees to walk around and be scared of a boss is just plain silly.  People at the office spend hours wasting time deciding how to word e-mails and present information just to make sure this guy won’t flip out.  Not good business.  Not good for office turnover either.

Submitted by M.S.

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