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Dancing With the Boss

I’m a younger guy and have only been out of school for a few years.  I guess you could say that I’m still learning the workforce and where I want to go with my career.  I currently work for a non-profit and for now, it’s a descent job for me.

The organization employs mostly younger people.  Probably what I’d expect for a struggling non-profit.  We are all cheap to pay.  Anyway, the woman in the office next to me is my boss.  She’s young, pretty and very personable lady.  She had been employed for a few years before I started and really helped a lot with my training.  Our relationship has always been professional, and I definitely consider her a friend.

A while back, I was hanging out with some buddies and was a few counties over from where I live.  We decided to go out for a few drinks and later ended up at a strip club.  Sorry if that offends anyone.  What can I say…we are young guys.  Let me frame this for you.  We’re drinking, we’re at a strip club, we’re talking to the ladies and then the DJ announces the next girl on stage.  I look up and it’s my boss!  She starts dancing, as I decide if I should run out of the place or not.  She looks down, sees me, bursts into tears and runs off stage.

I didn’t know what to do, so I went with my gut.  As she was over at a table crying, I told my friends to leave it alone and I went over to talk to her.  As you can imagine, she was doing it for the money.  Frankly, I couldn’t believe that there were never any other coincidental sightings of her before, but there weren’t.  Fast forward a few months…I have never said a word to anyone about what I saw.  And we have a good relationship because of that.

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