I’m a young woman who works in a professional office setting.  I put up with my share of male co-workers who act like jerks.  They hit on me, ask me out, try to pull me into sex talk, etc.  You name it, I’ve probably had it said to me.

I’ve always felt that the one boss here was pretty twisted, but I don’t think I realized how much until recently.  He says some very strange things.

Recently, I was sitting at my desk and my cell phone notification went off for a text. It was a text picture from the boss. I opened it only to be mortified.  He was in the bathroom and sent a picture of his poop in the toilet.  He had a message with it that said, “Look at this one I just did.”  Apparently he was proud of his achievement.  He was so very proud.

I later learned that he did this to a lot of the younger women in the office.  I honestly don’t know if it was a perverse thing, a mental thing or what.  It was disgusting and the fact that nobody had complained about it before then is beyond me.  Pretty damn twisted.

Submitted by Melissa

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