He’s So Clean

I work for an office cleaning company.  Therefore, I’m in and out of several buildings every single day.  There is one company, in particular, that I hate cleaning.

One manager there is such a pervert.  For instance, unfortunately, he has a bathroom in his office and he insists on standing there and watching me while I clean it.  What bothers me is that he’s watching me, not watching the cleaning.

Recently he has started hitting on me while I’m there. He asks about my personal life, who I’m seeing and what I’m doing.  It’s really uncomfortable.  I try to avoid him, but it never works.

It’s the most amazing thing – as soon as I step foot in the building, he mysteriously appears.  If I try to adjust my hours and come in late, he’s there.  Early, he’s there.  Yuck!

The last time I was in there, he said he needed to personally go over the dusting in his office with me.  I looked right at him and said, “Don’t you have more important decisions to make?”  Apparently he didn’t.  So I stood there while he told me how important he was and that his desk needed to be dusted a certain way.  I thought to myself, “Are you kidding me?”

I complained to my boss and he called the manager.  Of course, the manager denied it.  This is still going on.  So I guess I will be back here to provide updates.

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