Never Forget

I have worked for the same boss for almost ten years. For the most part, we have always gotten along. In fact, I think we make a pretty good team.

With the exception of one awkward conversation, I really can’t think of anything unpleasant that has ever happened between us. Just once, he had to correct me in writing.

At the time, I didn’t even think a ‘write up’ was necessary. That’s how insignificant the issue was. However, he felt it needed to be ‘documented’ and I accepted it.

Here’s the funny part. Even though we get along fine, ever since that write up happened, he starts every conversation with me by saying, “Given your history of poor performance.” This infuriates me because I don’t have a ‘history’ of issues. I had one issue/incident that needed to be addressed and it was several years ago!

I know him well enough to remind him that I’ve had one so-called ‘performance’ issue in ten years. But he won’t let it go and continues to remind me about it every time we meet. That’s his lead-in for every conversation.

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