Nice Belly

My boss had a baby girl and recently returned from maternity leave.  Based on her comments, I could tell that she was very conscious of her weight.  She mentioned her clothing and how it fit a number of times.  As a result, she was constantly adjusting her pants and re-tucking her blouses.  I’m a mom, so I can relate.

A few weeks ago, she and I were standing near the conference room waiting for a meeting.  One of the office’s smart-ass guys walked by and complimented her outfit.  He specifically said, “Nice belt.”  He was actually being nice and the funny thing is that she really did have a nice belt on.  But she was so worried about her weight that all she heard was, “Nice belly.”

She freaked out and started yelling at this guy and asking how dare he make fun of her belly.  She was screaming and waiving her hands while the rest of us just stood there in disbelief.  Finally someone jumped in and yelled, “He said belt!!!”  My boss was mortified and ran to the bathroom crying.

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