Pizza Degenerate

I work at a family owned pizza shop.  The guy who owns it is a gigantic pervert.  It’s a college town, so he likes to hire all young girls.  Needless to say, his wife, who I would describe as the most jealous person I’ve ever met, doesn’t take this very well.

Thus, a normal day in our little shop can be very interesting and entertaining.  The owner will show up and call various female employees to the back of the shop or to the office.  He will make dumb excuses about inventory and try to get us alone in the office, cooler or the stock room.  It always has to be in close quarters so he’s right next to us.  He will practically stand on top of you.  It’s very uncomfortable.  He stares at us up and down, practically licking his lips like we are pieces of meat.  It has gotten to the point where the girls now try to pair up at all times, as to avoid him or not have to talk to him alone.

Now enter his wife into the situation.  If she so much as sees him flirting with us, she freaks out yelling and screaming.  Of course she yells at us and not him.  I personally have been fired by her three times for various reasons, all because she caught her hubby talking to me.  Here’s the routine – she fires me and I go home.  Then when I don’t show up for my shift the next day, she calls and yells at me for that.  Then I come back in.  I guess ‘you’re fired’ doesn’t quite have the meaning it used to.

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