Please Hire Her

The Vice President of my company insists on hiring women for every position that comes open.  However, it’s not only that.  As someone who works closely with him, I have to listen to everything else that goes along with his perverted hiring decisions.

It’s not only that we can’t hire men, but it’s that all the women need to be ‘hot.’  He says he wants all of them to be a ‘perfect ten.’  He’ll make comments about how ‘gorgeous’ they are and say, ‘whoever married her married up.’  Frankly, it’s stupid and sickening.  He’s such a jerk…a pig with a staff full of ‘smoking hot women’ as he’ll tell you.

Whenever an interview is scheduled, he will peek out into the lobby to determine (on his scale) how pretty the candidate is.  Then he’ll advise the hiring manager accordingly.  He will actually dictate hiring and business decisions based on his ‘hotness’ scale.  He will even tell the hiring manager ‘only hot women’ when he sees a non-attractive candidate.

After they get hired, the same thing happens with each one.  He walks around like he is on cloud nine and does no work.  He just floats from desk to desk shooting the breeze with all of them.  He’ll set his coffee on their desk and smugly laughs at their stories.  He thinks and acts like he’s Mr. GQ.  Too bad all he’s doing is undressing them with his mind while he talks to them.

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