Raise Raise Go Away

The company I work for has not given raises since 2002.  As much as I hate that fact and the company, I continue to work there.  People always ask me why.  The real answer is proabably because I’m stupid.  The better answer is because it’s so ridiculous there, that I stick around to see what type of craziness happens next.  It’s true.  Stories, scandals, bad decisions, affairs, inappropriate behavior, unauthorized expenses…you name it and it’s currently going on or has happened there. Every week it is something different and just when the employees think it cannot get any more ridiculous, it does.  Just when that last moronic decision can’t be topped, it is.

The main reason it’s going on there is because the boss is involved in most of it.  That’s a shame.  But hey, the he still has his large bonuses, expense accounts and super-salary.  So I guess he’ll be ok when the doors shut and the rest of us lose our jobs.

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