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The Doctor Is In

A lady I work with has always been sickly.  She is constantly calling out sick, leaving early and all that.  Her ailments have progressed a few times to where she had to be hospitalized.  Up to this point, I always felt that she and I were close. Thus, when she was sick, I would go the extra mile to help her get her work done.

This last time that she got sick, she had to be hospitalized again.  Whenever this had happened before, I had thought about visiting her, but never did.  This time, I figured I would, as I was told that she was very sick.  I wanted to be the good co-worker.  I felt that we had become close enough friends, so I wanted to surprise her and hopefully cheer her up.

I went to the hospital and asked for her room number.  I walked into her room only to find the married Director of the company sitting there holding hands with her.  As I later learned, they were having a relationship together.  The look on their faces was priceless when I walked in.

I’m still deciding how I feel about all of this.

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