Travel Day

Our company made the decision to hire a guy who lived in another state to be the new President.  At the beginning, of course, he promised to move and live closer to the office.  But he never did.  Instead, he gave excuses and just dragged it on and on.  He kept traveling back and forth weekly.  There was pretty significant travel involved to get him to the office each week.

Needless to say, he then started complaining about the travel and was acting burnt out.  So it progressed to him needing to have a ‘travel day’ each week.  Meaning that he’d travel on Monday and work in the office Tuesday through Friday.  Then he’d leave again on Friday.

The company was reasonable about the travel and even offered to cover local rental or hotel accommodations for the extra days for him (to get him into town sooner).  However, he still required Monday as a travel day.

Basically, he would arrive late Monday night and report to work on Tuesday morning each week.  It soon became him arriving late on Tuesday and reporting to the office on Wednesday.  To make him even more loved by the staff, he’d leave for the weekend at lunch time on Friday.  If we were lucky, he’d work all of three days in a week.  Definitely not a recipe for success.  Hey, I’m all for someone being able to work remotely, but when you’re the President, sometimes you just have to be there.

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